CCW Class on March 18th

CCW Training Course hosted by Sam Carter (Ethos). Private Instruction/Training one on one and in depth providing extensive education above and beyond the normal traditional classroom-based instruction. THIS COURSE SATISFIES THE CONCEALED CARRY WEAPONS TRAINING REQUIREMENT FOR THE LISTED AGENCIES AND INCLUDES: FIREARM SAFETY, HANDGUN OPERATION, SHOOTING AND CONCEALED CARRY FUNDAMENTALS, SELF DEFENSE AWARENESS, LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL FIREARMS/CARRY LAWS, CONCEALED CARRY LIMITATIONS/RESTRICTIONS AND USE OF FORCE. Location: TBD/TBA* Cost of course is $100 *The range we use is To Be Determined based on the number of attendees. PLEASE RSVP ASAP by emailing…continue reading →

Servicing Fresno, CA

Last week, Stone Protection Services began extending our reach into Central California and more specifically into the Fresno area. We are happy and proud to announce our first contract in Fresno was successfully signed today. Many more contracts to come in the Fresno area as we strive to provide a higher standard of professional protection.continue reading →